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Rekey your door lock

Car Locksmith Ecorse MI can help you when the unexpected happens and you either lose your keys, or you are a victim of a crime that results in the criminal gaining possession of your keys, or you end up having to lockout a roommate or significant other that refuses to leave on their own.

Our 24 hour locksmith services techs can go to your location and rekey your door locks which will make a new set of keys for your and immediately make the old set of keys unusable. So that you can go back to feeling protected with your new keys right away.

While the 24 hour locksmith is there, they can also make you a second key copy for the new keys to the rekeyed door lock. That way you can have a backup key copy set you can use to avoid needing 24 hour locksmith services during a lockout.

And we can also rekey car door locks, and we can also rekey any business door lock too. So regardless if you need a new key for any door lock for your car, home or business our 24 hour locksmith services techs are ready to help you 24/7.

Here at Car Locksmith Ecorse MI we are open 24 hours a day, and we don't take holidays of so we are open every single day of the year too. As we have learned over the years of offering 24 hour locksmith services that keys are lost, locked in or else at all times of the day and/or night.

As when it comes to emergencies like needing a 24 hour locksmith services tech to rekey your home for protection, or have us replace a broken door lock they never happen at a good time.
So call now at 734-236-1050 and have us go to your car, home or business right away so our 24 hour locksmith services techs can get those door locks rekeyed fast for you and get you back to feeling safe in your own car, home or business.

There is no feeling like the peace we get when we don't have to worry about someone else being able to easily access our home, car or business while we're not there and take advantage of that situation.