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Locked keys in car

Imagine this, you're out with your friends for the night. You're the designated driver for the group and on your way home when you and your friends get to the car you realize you locked keys in car. At that moment it is best to calm down and call us here at Mesa Car Locksmith.

Since any of our auto locksmith services techs can easily go to where your car is located and open the car door for you using his locksmiths' tools. Then you grab the locked keys in car from inside the vehicle and start driving your friends home safely.

Now imagine this other version, you weren't able to find our website and didn't find another auto locksmith that is open 24 hours, even on holidays. What would you and your friends do, call a cab and wait 20 - 45 mins to be picked up, then pay for the fair of him to drop each of you to their house and then you to yours.

That one we can also help you fix it, as our 24 hour locksmiths can make you a copy of your car key that you can keep in your possession at all times (like purse or wallet etc). And when this problem happens you just take that shiny car key we made you and open up the door lock with the locked keys in car.

But that one has to be done before the problem happens, and whether it's with us or another locksmith services shop make sure to make that duplicate car key so that you can always save yourself time and money if the lockout happens again (or before it happens). As lockouts are preventable.

And our locksmiths here would rather know you were safe rather than having to rescue you from the lockout and you possibly be in an unsafe area while waiting for our 24 hour locksmith services tech to get there.

Calls us now to 520-276-9491 and let us know where to send the 24 hour locksmith to open your door lock and get your car keys after you locked keys in car. Or if you want to make a copy key set so you can avoid needing the 24 hour locksmith for help when a lockout happens.